Charles Evans+Peter Evans+The Language Of
No Relation


Excerpts from the liner notes:

The music you are about to experience was written based-on or inspired-by four classic jazz standards; "What is This Thing Called Love, "How High the Moon," "The Song is You," and "Isfahan." My compositional approach is rooted in the jazz tradition, consisting of the creation of bizarre, micro-tonal contrafacts that are played over the pre-existing chord progression. Peter Evans utilizes a Post-Braxton progressive continuance to simply draw 'inspiration' from the original, rendering music that has virtually no relation to the standard tune.

With the culmination of this second CD, The Language Of has found a clear direction to express the inspiration they draw from the entire jazz lineage. The Evans Brothers aren't related biologically, politically, and many times not musically, but here they have succeeded in combining stylistically inconsistent techniques consistently.

Charles Evans September 2005

Full Track Listing

  1. What
  2. Love
  3. How
  4. High
  5. Song
  6. You
  7. Is
  8. IsFatek

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Charles Evans+Peter Evans+The Language Of - No Relation

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This young man is onto something and he means to get to the bottom of it. -Larry Hollis, Cadence Magazine


  • Charles Evans-Baritone Saxophone
  • Peter Evans-Trumpet
  • Moppa Elliott-Bass
  • Jan Roth-Drums
  • Brian Woestehoff-Engineer
  • Rich Frankel-Mastering