Stockton Helbing


While serving as musical director for the legendary late Maynard Ferguson, Helbing earned a reputation as an extremely creative and versatile jazz drummer.

His musical vision shines on his debut album, as he leads a classic quintet through a journey of engaging compositions and improvisations. Lodestar also features brilliant ensemble playing and improvisations by Ken Edwards (trumpet and flugelhorn), Tom Luer (tenor saxophone), Noel Johnston (electric guitar), and Brian Mulholland (electric bass).

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Full Track Listing

  1. Sign of the Times
  2. Hey Kid, I'm a Computer!
  3. What Could Be, What Has Been
  4. In Orion
  5. Stocktorb
  6. Departure
  7. In the Next
  8. Harrell's Herald
  9. Sell Out
  10. Until Then

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Stockton Helbing - Lodestar

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music that begs to be listened to over and over again, as the dense harmonies and striking chord progressions seem to reveal a little more of themselves with each revisit. -Roman St. James,


  • Stockton Helbing-Drums
  • Tom Luer-Tenor Saxophone
  • Ken Edwards-Trumpet, Flugelhorn
  • Noel Johnston-Electric Guitar
  • Brian Mulholland-Electric Bass